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Beard Care

Below is our suggestions on proper use of some of our product. Everyone has their own special way of maintaining their beard, so be yourself. Just make sure you look good.*


  1. Our beard wash is a wash, not a shampoo. This means that it is more liquid-like than a shampoo. So dispense into your hand carefully.
  2. Shake bottle before use to ensure you are receiving all the benefits of your essential oils.
  3. Place about a nickel sized amount in the palm of your hand.
  4. Scrub into your beard and lather it up.
  5. Once fully sudsy all the way to the skin, throughly rinse with water. 
  6. Breathe deep and smell that freshness of a man who was better than before. 


  1. You can apply this when your beard is damp or dry.
  2. Using the back of your thumb nail, scrape out some balm about the size of dime. The bigger the beard, the more you use.
  3. Rub the balm between your hands vigorously to melt it.
  4. Work the melted balm into your beard, working from the roots to the tips.
  5. Add more balm if needed.
  6. Style with hands or with a comb.
  7. Smile in the mirror and walk away upright.


  1. You can apply this when your beard is damp or dry.
  2. Squeeze the dropper while it is in the oil to allow some oil to enter the dropper.
  3. Place oil directly into beard or place in your hand.
  4. Use hand or comb to work oil throughout the beard and onto your skin under the beard.
  5. Add more oil if desired.
  6. Look in the mirror at the stud before you and walk away upright.

*If you do notice an allergic reaction to any products, stop using them.